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Y Hose Adapter Allows You To Convert One Spigot Into Two Water Sources

The Y Hose Adapter from Red Earth Naturals allows you to more efficiently distribute the water in your yard or garden. Made from one piece of solid brass, this garden hose splitter is durable and built to last. The adapter features levers that selectively turn the water flow through each valve on and off and a swivel connector that is designed to connect to a standard spigot or hose.

yhose adapter close

What makes this adapter so much better than all the alternatives out there is that it’s made from a single piece of eco-friendly brass and will not split when the temperature drops and then heats up again. The levers on each side are also made from solid brass (not cheap plastic, which can break easily) and are coated with a thermo plastic rubber overmold which allows you turn water on and off without the need for tools. The swivel connector is also covered with a thermo plastic overmold for easy gripping and turning. Don’t settle for low-grade brass or cheap plastic imitations, get the best y hose adapter for your house.

Like all of Red Earth Naturals products, it comes with a complementary ebook, 9 Tips for Conserving Water in Your Yard.

9 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Yard(If you have purchased a garden hose splitter from Red Earth Naturals on Amazon, click on y hose connector to sign up to get your copy of this complementary ebook.)

As with all solid brass products, there is a tiny percentage of lead used to make the product, so it is intended only for outdoor use.

Use the Y Hose Adapter t0:

  • Hook two hoses up to one spigot
  • Or get 3 adapters and hook up 4 hoses
  • Outfit all your outdoor spigots as two potential water sources
  • Connect 2 hoses to your backyard sink, drip irrigation, sprinkler timer system, or hose end tap timer
  • Use the dual shut off valves to turn water on or off selectively and independently

garden hose adapter

The Leak Free Warranty on the garden hose splitter from Red Earth Naturals makes it a risk-free purchase. Get one for every outdoor spigot on your house. Only on Amazon.