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Window Bird Feeder

If you love birdwatching, then our new window bird feeder is made just for  you. Created from strong, durable acrylic, this feeder attaches directly to your window with two suction cups and will support the weight of three or four small birds or one large bird. Enjoy watching birds from the comfort of your easy chair, while washing the dishes at your kitchen window (or  preparing meals) or  while working at your desk in your home office. (If you have already purchased our bird feeder from Amazon and want your complimentary copy of Attracting Birds to Your Bird Feeder, click on backyard birdwatchers to sign up to get your copy of the ebook.)

window bird feeder

. Here are some of the things you will love about the Bird Lovers Window Mount Bird Feeder from Red Earth Naturals:

  • Made from acrylic which holds up in all kinds of weather and is chip and scratch-resistant
  • Has a roof that protects bird seed from rain and snow
  • Comes with two troughs: one for water and one for bird seed
  • Is easy to install, remove and clean
  • Is a squirrel proof bird feeder (just mount it high on a window where the squirrels can’t get to it.
  • Comes with a free bonus (for Amazon customers only): Attracting Birds to Your Bird Feeder
  • Can be used year round. Keep the feeder full of seed during the winter is a great way to reduce bird stress when food is scarce.
  • Measures 5.9×5.2×3.9
  • You’ll love all the bird dramas that you can watch from the comfort of your home. It’s like bringing nature indoors.
  • The clear window cut out and clear acrylic construction allow for easy viewing of birds. You can even watch them split open seeds.
  • This is a great past time for adults, kids and even your pets will enjoy it.

Below  you’ll find our gallery of photographs of this fun, functional feeder. Get Your Window Bird Feeder Today from

birdfeederplant birdfeedercu birdfeedercu1 birdfeederwindow5 birdfeederseedinmouth birdfeeder9a-ver1 birdinbirdfeeder-Packaging-ver3c window mount bird feeder


Remember if you buy two window bird feeders from, you can get free shipping. Don’t know what you’ll do with two? Here are some ideas:

  • Give one to a friend, family member or neighbor
  • Attach the window mount bird feeders to windows in different areas of your house
  • Keep one as a hostess gift. (Bird feeders make a great gift year round)
  • Give one to your child’s teacher or to the many different people who you acknowledge at Christmas (at under $30, this is a very affordable gift)

acrylic bird feeder

When you order, we will send you the link to download our highly informative ebook, Attracting Birds to Your Bird Feeder. In it you’ll find a special ingredient to add to your bird feeder that will attract gorgeous varieties of birds to your feeder all year round. (Note: you won’t find this Top Secret bird food ingredient in any packaged bird seed mix, but birds absolutely LOVE it and it is super nutritious for them. Add it to your seed and your feeder will be the most popular bird feeder in town.)

Get Your Bird Lovers Window Bird Feeder TODAY!