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Window Bird Feeder Videos

If you love to bird watch, then you’ll love our window bird feeder videos. This nifty, smartly-designed bird feeder is made from durable acrylic and attaches right to your window. Since the bird feeder is see-through and so is your window, you’ll get to birdwatch from inside your home. You’ll love watching the birds play, fight, eat, preen and roost. Best of all, it’s squirrel-proof. If you’ve ever had a bird feeder in your yard, you know that pesky squirrels and other varmints will do their best to get into the feeder and steal the seed, often breaking the feeding station in the process. Since this feeder attaches directly to your window and since squirrels can’t scale glass, they can’t get into it as long as you don’t place it near a tree branch or something that squirrels can climb on.

To get one for your home, just click on Red Earth Naturals Bird Lovers Window Bird Feeder.



Window Bird Feeder Video: Keep Out Pesky Squirrels


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