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VIP Customers Review Club

Join Red Earth Naturals’ VIP Customers Review Club and get big discounts or even free products in exchange for posting product reviews on Amazon. We have products in the pet, garden, home, health and beauty categories and also have partnerships with other companies to offer their free products for review.

All you have to do to become a member is enter your name and email address below and then fill out a short application that will be sent to you after you confirm your subscription. Since the Club only has limited spots available, claim yours NOW while you still can!

Why are we giving away FREE products? We’re a small, family-owned business and we need reviews on Amazon after we launch our products. There is no catch: we offer FREE products for review.

So sign up NOW or keep reading below for more information about this exclusive club.

Before applying for the club, please make sure to read and understand the following:

1. This is an exclusive club with awesome perks and privileges. We reserve the right to remove members who do not follow the rules, purchase more than one product with a coupon code, share coupon codes without permission or neglect to leave reviews after receiving products.

2. Coupon codes provided are not to be shared outside the group or posted anywhere on the web, unless express written permission has been granted. (If you have a friend or family member who would like to join our VIP Customers Club and receive discounts or free products for review, invite them to sign up on this page and provide your name as a reference as part of the application process. If you own a blog, video channel or have a big Facebook or Twitter following, please use the Contact Us link to tell us about your group so we can talk about a partnership and the possibility of offering discounts on products to your group.)

3. Promotions are on a first-come, first-served basis. When we release an offer with a coupon code for a free product for review, we have a limited supply available, so it pays to respond quickly with your intent to claim the product and post a review. Coupon codes are usually designed to be used during a restricted time period on a specific date.

4. Membership in the club is limited to people who reside in the continental United States. If you live outside the U.S. or in Hawaii or Puerto Rico, we’re sorry, but you are not eligible to join due to high shipping costs, so please don’t sign up.

5. We give preference to Amazon Prime members. After entering your name and email address in the form below and pressing Sign Up Now, you will be sent a brief application to fill out and return to us. Make sure to return this promptly to stay on our list.

Thank you in advance for your interest in our VIP Customers Review Club and of course, our products.

Remember to sign up now while there are still spots left.

To join the Red Earth Naturals VIP Customers Review Club, just enter your name and email address below and select Sign Up Now.