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Product Videos

Product videos for customers of Red Earth Naturals products appear below. The videos are grouped into product categories which currently include Pond Care Videos (below) for customers who have purchased Premium Certified Organic Barley Pond Straw and Birdwatching Videos for those who have purchased the Bird Lovers Window Bird Feeder. If you have pets, you’ll also want to watch our videos on Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator spray.

Please note that while some videos posted are designed to provide valuable information, we have also included the occasional sales video (we hope our loyal customers will be able to pardon the shameless plug.)

Pond Care Videos

Fall Pond Care Maintenance Tips:


How to Use Barley Straw for Ponds to Clean the Water:


Cleaning Koi Ponds with Pond Straw:


Koi Pond Algae Control for Backyard Ponds:

Why Barley Pond Straw is a Smart Way to Clear Your Pond Water:

Click on the link for Bird Lovers Window Bird Feeder videos.

Here are our videos on Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator spray