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Pet Odor Eliminator

Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator from Red Earth Naturals is an all natural product that makes pet mess cleanup a breeze—simple, straightforward and quick.  It is earth-safe and non-toxic for your family and pets. Since it completely eliminates stain and odor, it also helps to ensure that your pet will not be attracted to the same spot.

Don’t get mad when your pet has an accident, simply use Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator to clean it up. The natural formulation uses beneficial bacteria to break down urine and enzymes to neutralize stain and odors. It is even an effective cat urine remover because it so effectively breaks it down and digests it completely. Pooch & Puss works on the 3 P’s: pet pee, poop & puke. In fact it works on any stains or odors that are caused by something that is expelled from the body.

pet odor eliminator

Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator cleans the 3 P’s: pet pee, poop & puke.

In addition to using Pooch & Puss for removing pet odors from furniture and carpet, you can also use it to:

  • Freshen dog bedding
  • Remove the smell from cat litter boxes
  • Fresh pet crates
  • Leaves a fresh rather than a chemical-smelling scent anywhere it ‘s used.

Customers who have purchased Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator from Amazon are entitled to a complimentary copy of Pooch & Puss Cleanup Guide for Pet Messes. (To get your copy, just subscribe, confirm your subscription and you will be emailed a copy of the book.





Pooch & Puss Guide to Pet Mess Clean UpPooch & Puss Guide to Pet Mess Cleanup: Getting Rid of the 3 P’s: Pet Pee, Poop & Puke. This brief but concise guide is only for customers who have purchase Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator from

Pooch & Puss:

  • Gets rid of odors & stains caused by pet messes without harmful chemicals
  • All natural ingredients leave a fresh scent behind
  • Uses a unique triple-action formula: beneficial bacteria breaks down urine and enzymes neutralize it completely
  • Convenient spray bottle is easy to transport in cars, campers and on road trips

Sometimes accidents happen. Pets get sick or can’t control themselves. Maybe you are late coming home to let them go outside. Instead of getting mad when their is an unpleasant surprise awaiting you, use Pooch & Puss.

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