Red Earth Naturals

Pet Odor Eliminator Spray

Our new product, Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator spray is making pet owners and their cats and dogs across the nation very happy because it makes cleaning up messes caused by the 3 P’s: pet pee, poop and puke easy and effective. The product uses beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes to break down nasty stains and odors caused by dog urine and cat urine without using chemicals. This means it’s earth-friendly, child-safe and pet-safe. Use it with confidence. It also works on old stains as long as they were caused by organic material that is expelled from the body.

Here are some of our videos (please be patient as we add more).

Purchase a bottle of Pooch & Puss Pet Odor Eliminator spray and get a free copy of Pooch & Puss Guide to Pet Mess Cleanup.