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Organic Barley Pond Straw From Red Earth Naturals Helps Fish Pond Owners Clean Water Naturally

July 16, 2013 – Reno, NV — Red Earth Naturals specializes in natural goods that promote clean living. One of their latest products, barley pond straw, is proving to be very popular with customers wanting to take better care of their water gardens. Unlike other pond straw, this product is certified organic. Since it is 100% free from nasty pesticides and other chemical additives that are harmful to ecosystems, this ensures that the pond straw keeps pond habitats healthy.

With the rising temperatures over the summer months it’s very common for ponds to become susceptible to algae blooms. In addition to being aesthetically displeasing, algae blooms pose serious problems for koi fish and other aquatic life residing in the affected water. Algae blooms deplete the water of oxygen and ultimately kill fish and other aquatic inhabitants. The problems are not resolved once the algae bloom dies off; instead this triggers the cycle again. Decomposing algae increases carbon dioxide and nutrient concentrations within the water, creating the perfect conditions for a new bloom.

The cheapest, easiest and most effective way to safeguard water gardens from algae blooms is with pond straw. For centuries people throughout Europe have used barley straw to maintain water quality and protect fish and other aquatic life. The advantage barley straw has over wheat and other straw is that it’s much more effective and it lasts much longer.

koi pond

Barley pond straw in koi pond

Barley straw works to keep ponds clean as it decomposes in water. The microbial activity that breaks down the cellular structure of the straw releases chemicals that inhibit algae growth, essentially keeping the water garden clean naturally.

The problem with most straw for ponds is that it’s sourced from crops that have been treated with pesticides, herbicides or other chemical concoctions. This straw can be very detrimental to pond health. While the full effects may not be initially obvious, over time these toxins will build up and lead to the death of fish, aquatic plants and other organisms within the pond.

Red Earth Naturals appreciates that people invest a lot of time, money and emotion into creating pond ecosystems which is why the company offers an organic barley straw alternative. This pond straw keeps algae blooms at bay, while also ensuring that no harm is done to the fragile pond ecosystem. To learn other benefits of this product, see barley pond straw.

For Red Earth Naturals customers like Linda, this pond straw has been the perfect solution: “I’ve done a lot of research on barley pond straw. I chose this product because it’s certified organic and won’t hurt my koi fish or water plants. I know it works because I saw how it cleared up my neighbors’ pond.” All customer feedback on this premium quality barley straw has been highly complementary. To read customer reviews, go to: pond straw reviews.

Here's what it looks like without the wrapper.

Here’s what it looks like without the wrapper.

Barley pond straw is straightforward to use. Packaged in a cleverly designed super flow bag, there’s no need to mess-up the bottom of the pond. Simply tie the bag next to an area of the pond with water movement and let the barley straw do its job. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to start to cleanse the water, leaving the pond clear and healthy. Each bag will last for 2-3 months and it’s a good idea to have a spare ready for a simple exchange.

Grown and harvested in the United States, Red Earth Naturals’ barley straw is an excellent, eco-friendly option for any pond owner. Any purchase of Certified Organic Barley Straw comes with a complementary e-book “5 Tips for a Healthy Pond”, providing great practical advice on how to support water garden ecosystems.

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Red Earth Naturals offer organic products that promote “clean living” and a love of nature. Their flagship product, Premium Barley Pond Straw, allows pond owners to clean their pond water without harsh chemicals or endangering fish.