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Microgreens Growing Kit

Microgreens Growing Kit

microgreens growing kit

For customers who have purchased the Microgreens Growing Kit from Red Earth Naturals on Amazon, here is where you can sign up to receive your bonus Quick Start Guide and the Making Meals with MicroGreens recipe book. The Companion Quick Start Guide gives you step-by-step instructions for setting up your grow trays and planting your microgreens seeds for best results (There is also a printed pamphlet included with your kit, but this guide contains complimentary although somewhat different information.) The 15-page guide also includes FAQs (frequently asked questions) about growing microgreens and gives a special discount at the end should you want to purchase another kit or give one as a gift to others. The recipe book contains instructions for making some delectable meals with the microgreens that you’ve harvested. These ebooks are exclusively for customers, so please don’t share them with anyone else.

To receive access to the ebooks, simply enter your name and email address below and hit Sign Up. We will confirm your purchase and then email you a link to download the bonuses or read them in your browser.



Below are images of the ebooks, the content of which you will receive after you have signed up using the form above. You’ll also get a copy of our recipe book, Making Meals with MicroGreens which is full of yummy, nutritious recipes. Occasionally, we will also send you discount coupons for seeds, growing mats or other related products. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time. The reason that we provide this information in downloadable electronic books is so we can update them with new recipes and other information that has come to light.

microgreens growing kit quick start guideMaking Meals with Microgreens

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