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Microgreens are all the rage in the food and health industries.

Billed as “Mother Nature’s SuperFood” and deservedly so, microgreens contain 40x more nutrients than mature plants. What’s more, these miniature versions of greens like beet, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, etc. add intense bursts of flavor to meals. Renown chefs use them to top salads, broiled fish, seared meat and sushi and of course, these colorful greens can also be used for artful plating of gourmet meals.


growing microgreensNot just for professional chefs, microgreens can be purchased at specialty grocery stores, but are very pricey which is why Red Earth Naturals has introduced the MicroGreens Growing Kit which allows consumers to grow and harvest the nutrient-rich plants at home. The kit is perfect for foodies, aspiring chefs, gardeners, health enthusiasts and preppers and contains every need to grow Mother Nature’s SuperFood at home. Best of all, the kit is designed to use indoors, so people can grow microgreens seeds all year round.

The kit comes with:

  • 8 Varieties of MicroGreens Seeds
  • 2 Grow Trays with Clear Dome Lids
  • 4 Organic Grow Mats
  • 1 Package of Azomite and Super Kelp Extract (for Healthy, Quick-Growing Seeds)
  • Guide to Growing MicroGreens

MicroGreens Seeds Included:

  • Beet
  • Cabbage
  • Clover
  • Flax
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Radish
  • Swiss Chard


The seeds were specially selected to grow well indoors which means you can harvest microgreens in your home year round.

Available exclusively on Amazon. Get Your MicroGreens Growing Kit. Get one now or give as a gift to your favorite foodie, prepper, gardener, home chef or health enthusiast.

microgreens growing kit