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This page is for free downloads for purchasing Red Earth Naturals’ products from Amazon. Note: these bonuses are ONLY for customers. Before providing the download link, we will confirm manually that you have placed an order with us on Amazon.

Currently, we have six products that have free ebooks available for download. These ebooks are only available for customers. Your order will be confirmed with your name and email address. If you’ll scroll down the page, you’ll find the subscription box to receive the bonus: 5 Tips for a Healthy Pond for those who have purchased our Premium Barley Pond Straw. If you have purchased our pond straw and want your bonus, please scroll down and enter your full name and email address and we will send you the link via email to download your bonus ebook.

For those who have purchased our Window Bird Feeder and want your copy of Attracting Birds to Your Bird Feeder, please click on backyard birdwatchers.

For those who have purchased Pooch & Puss Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator, click on Pooch & Puss Guide to Pet Mess Cleanup.

If you have bought our trellis netting on Amazon, click on 5 Creative Ways to Use Trellis Netting to get your ebook.

If you purchased ShamPOOCH SuperShine Dog Shampoo, click on Top Dog Bath Tips from a Pro to sign up to get your bonus.

For those who have bought the MicroGreens Growing Kit, click on MicroGreens Growing Kit Companion Quick Start Guide to get your ebook.

If you have purchase BirdBlock Bird Netting, click here to sign up to receive your copy of 5 Ways to Use Bird Netting

You can either read your ebook in your browser or download to your computer to peruse later. Reading the bonus will provide you with important tips for getting the best results from your purchase.

For those who want their copy of 5 Tips for a Healthy Pond, just follow the instructions below.

5 tips for a healthy pond


In order to be eligible to download bonuses, you must have:

1. Purchased our Premium Certified Organic Barley Pond Straw from Amazon

2. Signed up for our email newsletter (use the form below), so we can send you an email with the link to download the bonus.

To subscribe to our Pond Tips newsletter and receive a copy of  5 Tips for a Healthy Pond, simply enter your full name and email address in the boxes below and hit Submit. Next, you will receive an email with a link  that you must click on to confirm that you actually subscribed. (This is to ensure that no one else uses your email address without your consent.) Once you have clicked on the link and hit reply, we will send you another email with the link to download the bonus ebook. You can begin reading it right away.