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Backyard Birdwatchers

Backyard birdwatchers know they don’t have to trek off into the wilderness to enjoy a beautiful variety of birds: they can enjoy them from the comfort of their home in their own backyard.

With the Window Bird Feeder from Red Earth Naturals, you can bring nature inside your home. Since the bird feeder attaches to the window, now you can enjoy bird watching while reclining in your easy chair, doing the dishes or preparing dinner or while working at your desk in your home office.

birdwatchers bird feeder

Imaginee the enjoyment you’ll get from watching all the beautiful birds that come to feed right at your window. This is a great activity for everyone, especially young kids and parents, those who are confined to the house or anyone who would like to be closer to nature. Even if you’re an avid outdoors type, you’ll love this little bird feeder. Since it’s acrylic, you can see everything … you can even see birds splitting open the seeds as they feed.

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attracting birds to your bird feeder

Coming soon … our Facebook group for avid backyard birders and of course, birdwatchers who also like to venture beyond their own backyard.